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Paws for thought with ClickNowe

A new internet search engine means that animal lovers can now raise money for their favourite charities with just the click of a mouse – the electronic sort of course!

ClickNow is an innovative search engine which allows people to donate money to help charities supporting their furry friends without costing them time, money or effort.
Charles Lovibond, CEO of ClickNow explains how it works:

‘All charities are reliant on donations from their supporters, but we know that people have endless demands on their time and money. ClickNow offers the perfect solution.

It works like a normal search engine: supporters simply go to the ClickNow homepage, choose the charity they’d like to support and make it their default home page. Every time they run an internet search, their chosen charity receives a donation, so you can raise money for your favourite charity as you surf the internet.’

All charities rely on donations from their supporters in order to continue their work and the ClickNow scheme is already making a significant difference to the coffers of charities nationwide.
Animal lovers can help raise money for the charity of their choice, by accessing www.clicknow.org.uk, locating their charity’s logo and making it their homepage. It’s as simple as that!

Charities signed up to ClickNow include a wide range of organisations across the country which are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of animals.

To see the full list of charities, visit www.clicknow.org.uk.