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Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the world, something crops up to show you that things just aren’t what you thought them to be.

Nowhere is this better illustrated by the story in this issue of the recent discovery by scientists that the species of Clouded Leopard found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra is, in fact, a totally different species to the mainland variety… which looks distinctly different.

Mind you, I couldn’t help but be tickled by the fact that the scientists postulated that the two species diverged about 1.4 million years ago… you’d think someone might have noticed in all that time!

Still – both species are incredibly handsome big cats, and they seem to have a secure future – which is more than can be said for their Spanish relative, the Iberian Lynx.

Still, that’s a fascinating story too (also in this issue). It seem that the Iberian Lynx may be pulled back from the brink of extinction by none other than the good ol’ domestic cat!

Now there’s another thing that our favourite mogs can be justly proud of! I’ve always agreed with the view that inside every pet cat, whether it’s a Persian, a Siamese, a Mog or a Maine Coon, there’s a big cat waiting to get out. It seems this view is right!

Encouraging news too this month that the last two exemption cat shows in the UK - Bingley and City of Swansea - may hopefully continue to be licensed by the GCCF, following a raft of new safety measures outlined to Council last month.

It would be a sad day for Catdom if so-called ‘health and safety’ issues were to see an end to two shows which, for many years – over 50 in Bingley’s case – have passed off ‘under canvas’ without any untoward incident.

Final point – I’m all ‘Crufts-ed’ out after spending three out of the four days trailing round the world’s greatest dog show. I had to smile though seeing Cats Protection having a stand and managing to hog some radio publicity about their presence there! It’s quite obvious really though – cats just do it with style, don’t they?

Nick Mays
News & Features Editor