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WHICHEVER way you look at it, cats are pretty remarkable creatures aren’t they? Of course, I’m preaching to the converted here, but if ever proof was needed of just why we all love and admire our favourite felines so much, a story or two will crop up which reminds us exactly why cats are so special. And there’s two such special cats featured in this issue…

Mimine le chat takes a stroll in her new home town of Tréveray

Take for example Mimine, the French moggy who decided that she didn’t like the house where her original owners had rehomed her when they moved away, so she decided to follow them to their new house. So 13 months and 500 miles later, she fetched up on their doorstep, having trekked all the way from Toulouse in Southern France to Treveray in the north. But how did she do it? How did she know where to find her family?

Of course, Mimine’s tale, amazing though it is, is not unique. Over the decades there have been hundreds of similar stories of cats travelling vast distances, often over a long period of time, to find their old homes, or to follow their owners to new homes. What strange sixth sense do cats have? Is it some kind of psychic sat nav? There’s plenty of theories as to how and why, but no one knows for sure – except the cats, of course – and isn’t it great that one of the true mysteries, a real animal enigma, can be ascribed to the domestic cat?

Nora, the piano-playing puss

Another remarkable moggy story concerns Nora, the piano playing puss. Of course, it depends on your definition of ‘playing’, but as the video shot by Nora’s owners and shown on YouTube proves, she certainly enjoys ‘tickling the ivories’… she even sits at a piano stool with her front paws on the piano keys. Judging by the dozens of similar video clips sent in by the owners of other pianist pussies, it seems that Nora, like Mimine, is not unique in what she does.

Now, whether the cats are aping their piano-playing owners, or whether it’s just that they like the feel of the keys and the sound they make, quite why they do it is a mystery… and isn’t that nice?

As the great TS Elliot famously said of cats: ‘The cat alone knows…’

Nick Mays
News & Features Editor

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