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Apologies to the Kernow CC
I WOULD like to apologise to the Show Manager, Committee and exhibitors of the Kernow Cat Club.

I was unable to judge due to a back injury I sustained a day or so previously that prevented me from being able to attend the show.

I hope that all went well and that my fellow judges were not too overworked.
Steve Morris, GCCF Judge

Three cheers for Bingley!
WONDERFUL! Well done indeed! We all won! We are all backing the beautiful annual Bingley cat show team all the way back to Airedale again, after the chance it could have been cancelled after this summer’s show!

It’s such an enjoyable event and exhibitors and cats on exhibition have such a superb time at this high summer show!

Congrats to Chris and her show team too! Visitors to the venue at Bingley are also able to attend all the attractions of a large and lovely agricultural show, as well as winning rosettes and show specials. It’s always been a happy atmosphere held in a cat tent with well behaved cats.

By the way - we have also registered a couple of our larger laid back cats on this brand new scheme called www.CatBloodDonors.com - which was featured recently in Our Cats. So please, everyone, do consider doing the same... it could save the life of someone’s cat!
Peter & Babs, The Baileys

Thanks to the Northern Siamese
AFTER having a brilliant day at a fabulous, friendly and efficiently run Siamese breed show, ‘The Northern Siamese’, I would like to thank Alice Fox and her very hard-working team for all the effort they put into making this show a huge success.

Alice smiled all day long, and in her calm and relaxed way, she oiled the wheels of the actions that made the show what it has turned out to be, just everything we wanted to celebrate the occasion of the ‘Ruby’ celebrations for the club’s annual show.

Well done Alice and the team.
Christine Duffy, Simplisiam Siamese