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from Our Cats Newspaper - Issue 04/05/07
Royal Canin Points
Royal Canin Results
RSPCA sees rise in number of rescued animals
From the News Desk
Abraham voted top celebrity vet in Petplan awards
Cats purr their way into the hearts of UK families
Cat Chat with Chris Stalker
The Official Opening of the new GCCF Offices
Club News
Rhyme or Reason
Celebrity autographs help pet charity
Pet custody battles on the increase
Hill’s cats return to youthful mobility!
Sam’s ‘grate’ escape - thanks to Cats Protection!
Can you give Elle a new home
Animal welfare campaigner honoured by BSAVA
On The Prowl with Nick Mays
Our Cats Celebrate - Cats Protection League 80th Anniversary
Our Cats Housing and Bedding Feature (including Cat Litter)