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Mystery of cat deaths

MYSTERY surrounds the deaths of a number of cats in Blackpool.

Four pets died within 10 days of each other after straying from their homes in the Layton area two weeks ago. Their owners believe they are the victims of toxic poisoning and the RSPCA is investigating.

The two distraught owners say they are baffled as to how the young felines died.

Mum Charlotte Watbin of Bardsway Avenue lost three cats within a week and has been told weedkiller sprayed onto pathways by the council could be to blame.

An emotional Mrs Watbin, whose 11-year-old daughter Deana is devastated by the death of her beloved pets, said:

“Last Friday I came home from work and Felix was on the floor. I could tell something was wrong so I took her to the vets where they put her to sleep.

“A few days later, my daughter handled Lulu who let out a terrible scream and died later. I have just had to put down Squiggle and she was very young.

“There was a suggestion that weedkiller could have had something to do with it. It’s terrible and I’m heartbroken by it.”

Neighbour Ali Topping said her cat went missing last weekend and also died of poisoning.
The 23-year-old said:

“Milo was only 18 months old. He had disappeared from the house and we got a call from the RSPCA saying unfortunately he was recovered last week.”

They have put up posters warning other pet owners.

Margaret Bysterboch, from the RSPCA in Fylde, said the number of cats dying was disturbing. She added:

“We need information into how these cats could have died.”

A spokeswoman for Blackpool Council said:

“The council adheres to the use of weedkillers that are used universally and meet the required environmental standards, ensuring they are safe to use in residential areas.

“The products we use contain very low levels of chemicals and it has been confirmed they are non-hazardous to domestic pets.”