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Soot the cat gives blood to save a fellow feline

Cats Protection cat has saved the life of another feline by undergoing a blood transfusion.

Seven-year-old black-and-white cat Soot, in the care of the charity’s Crewe and District Branch, underwent the transfusion at a local veterinary hospital to help another cat that was critically ill.

Sharman O’Brien, the Branch’s Fostering Co-ordinator, said:

“We received a call from the Nantwich Veterinary Hospital in Crewe. They were looking after a cat that was suffering with anaemia and several infections, and as part of the operation to save his life, they needed a cat to donate about 100 millilitres of blood.

“I took three cats along to the clinic for an initial blood test, and happily Soot was the perfect match. After testing negative for FIV – the cat equivalent of HIV – the vets were able to organise the transfusion.”

According to Sharman, Soot herself took the whole experience in her stride. “She happily co-operated with the vet, and was her usual playful self after the transfusion. The vet said she really was the perfect donor.”

There was further good news for Soot, as the Branch has since found her, and her brother Sam, a new and loving home.

Maggie Roberts, Cats Protection’s Head of Veterinary Services, said:

“Soot is a very brave cat and I’m delighted to hear that she has found the home that she deserves. As a charity that cares passionately about the welfare of cats across the UK, it’s interesting to hear that one of our feline friends has lent a helping hand – or paw - to save the life of another.”