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Thank you from the Bingley committee

ON BEHALF of the Committee of the Bingley Cat Show, I would like to thank all the Clubs and individuals who supported us recently following the decision of the GCCF Executive Committee not to grant us a show licence after 2007.

There are far too many to mention individually, but I feel that special thanks must to to OUR CATS for the coverage given in the newspaper and The Yorkshire County Cat Club for raising the matter at the recent GCCF meeting. We received many letters of support, emails and telephone calls, as well as people talking to Committee Members at shows. I understand that support was almost unanimous at the Council Meeting and I have now received confirmation from Governing Council that we will be allowed to apply for a licence after 2007.

We feel a show like Bingley is important as it gives a huge number of the public a chance to see some of our lovely breeds. The atmosphere is friendly and exhibitors love talking to the public about their cats when judging is completed (usually at lunchtime). We often get first time exhibitors who want to try showing but are daunted by the size and cost of a larger show. A lot of these people go on to larger shows once they have got the “bug” at our show.

I would also like to thank everyone who has donated unwanted rosettes, especially clubs who give me unwanted best of breed ones left over from their shows. I’m now starting to collect specials for the exhibits and exhibitors (a Bingley tradition started many years ago, although nobody gets baby blue stockings or filly red knickers any more!), and if anyone has anything they think we could use we would be really grateful.

The Agricultural Society has a website - www. bingleyshow.co.uk - where you can see what is on offer and entry forms for most sections should be available to download. So why not enter the handicraft and horticultural sections as well as the cat section and show off your baking, jam making, painting, vegetable growing and flower arrangement skills etc, along with a cat or two? Though not in the same marquee, I hasten to add! Parking is available next to the marquee for exhibitors.
Chris Bamford, Show Manager,
Bingley Cat Show

To whom it may concern
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Pamela Read