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Shropshire Cat Club
The AGM of the above Club was held on Sunday, 22 April, 2007, at The Ashfields Community Lounge, Ashfields, Oakengates, Telford, Shropshire.

The Officers and Committee are as follows: Patron - Mrs Jean Crockart; President - Mrs S. Bullock; Vice-Presidents - Mrs S. Gibbons, Mrs J. Huyton; Chairman - Mr M. Coomer; Vice-Chairman - Miss S. J. Tonkinson; Hon Treasurer - Mrs M. Parkinson; Hon Secretary - Mrs G. Browning; Committee - Mrs S. Bowen, Ms D. North, Mr M. Lewis, Mrs I. Lewis, Mrs M. Eadon-Mills, Mr D. Bowen and Mrs J. Coomer.
G. Browning (Mrs), Hon Secretary

Exotic Cat Club

Exotic breed registration numbers are to change on 1 June, 2007. A full list is shown on the Exotic Cat Club website at www.exotic-cat-club.org

These changes will not be retrospective but apply to registrations made following the implementation date. The changes have the benefit of relating breed colours to the numbering system used with the rest of the Persian breed section, giving consistency acros the section.
Mike Barrett, Secretary

Wiltshire & District Cat Club

Would exhibitors to our forthcoming show on 7 July please note the following Judge Changes.
Class 157 will now be judged be Mrs S. Tokens. Class 181 by Mrs M. Kalal and Class 343 by Mrs V. A. Anderson.
Elaine Robinson, Joint Show Manager

East Sussex Cat Club

Exhibitors please note that Class 449 - Siamese Imperial Grand Neuter, will now be judged by Mr Morris.

We will be holding an Auction from 10.30am in the bar area on show day. Come along and get a bargain.

Special Life Membership Offer - Single £24, Joint £42.
Stephanie Scullard, Assistant Show Manager

West of Scotland Cat Club

At the Club’s AGM on 29 April, 2007, Mrs Michele Malone stood down as Secretary. No-one was found to take over the post, so I have agreed to be Acting Secretary until a replacement can be found.
My address is 101 North Road, Bellshill, Lanarkshire ML4 1QZ, and my telephone number is 01698 844477.
Margaret Mather, Acting Secretary

Capital Long Hair Cat Association

Help is URGENTLY needed! During recent months we have lost the services of our Secretary and Treasurer, whose domestic situations prevent them from continuing these duties for the Association.

We are therefore asking if any one of you reading this can possibly help us, even on a temporary basis. We will be running our silver anniversary show next January, so it is imperative that we have two people willing to help us out in our hour of need.

If you think you can assist, please contact me, Anne Curley, 31 Glasslyn Road, London N8 8RJ. Telephone 020 8348 4837 or mobile 07710 430350.
Anne Curley, Chairman

Rex Cat Club

Our AGM was held on 1st April 2007 in the Hall, Rectory Cottages Trust, 47-49 Church Green, Bletchley, Bucks MK3 6BL, and was very well attended.

A ballot was not held this year as the four Committee Members who stood down, Miss Hummerston, Mrs Keates, Mrs Luxford-Watts and Mrs Thompson, were returned unopposed.
The Officers and Committee are: Mr Peter Williams (Chairman), Mr John Hansson (Vice-Chairman), Mrs Susan Luxford-Watts (Hon Treasurer/ Membership Secretary), Mrs Ann Wrighton (Hon Secretary/Welfare Officer), Mrs Jane Keates (Show Support Secretary), Mrs Patricia Billingham, Mrs Marion Drake (Rex-Press Editor), Mrs Jackie Green, Mr Trevor Green, Miss Elsie Hummerston (Kitten Register), Mr Ian Macro, Mrs Philippa Seager and Mrs Christine Thompson. BAC Representatives are Mrs Jackie Green and Mrs Susan Luxford-Watts. Delegates to the GCCF are Mrs Susan Luxford-Watts and Mr Ian Macro.

The raffle raised a magnificent £102, which this year goes into the welfare fund.
Ann Wrighton, Hon Secretary


Ocicat BAC
Would candidates and representatives please note that the next meeting of the Ocicat BAC Committee will be held on 1 July, 2007, at Bracknell Sports & Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 9SE, commencing at 11am.

All matters relating to the above BAC should be made in writing, marked for my attention and sent to 37 Alfred Road, Birchington-on-Sea, Kent CT7 9NJ before 31 May.
Hilary Dean

Colourpoint BAC

The Colourpoint BAC is holding a Seminar on Sunday, 5 August, 2007. This is being hosted by the Tabby Colourpoint Cat Club, and will take place at The Sutton Hall, Stockcross, near Newbury, Berkshire, just off the M4.

It is proposed to have an introduction to the breed, a veterinary talk and a grooming demonstration by a professional groomer.

This is an excellent opportunity for Colourpoint Probationary Judges to learn more about the breed and, as full CP Judges will be in attendance, it will be possible to do assessments. Anybody wishing to learn more about our lovely Colourpoint cats is welcome.

Tickets, which must be obtained before the event, are priced at £7.50, including lunch, and are available from the Secretary of the TCCC, Ray Jones, The Cedars, Westmancote, Tewkesbury, Glos GL20 7ES.
Ray Jones, Secretary

Exotic BAC

The Exotic BAC would like to draw the attention of all Exotic Judges to GCCF Rules Section 3, Rule 9h, regarding “wrong colouring” of cats at shows. The rule states:

‘A judge may mark as “wrong colour”, “wrong pattern” or “does not conform to SOP”, unless otherwise instructed by the SOP, any exhibit which, in their opinion, is incorrectly identified by colour/pattern in their judge’s book after first requesting the show manager to check the entry form to ensure there has been no transcription error. This does not constitute a disqualification’.
The BAC requests that this rule is adhered to when judging Exotics - there is currently nothing in the breed SOP to suggest otherwise.
Naomi Johnson, BAC Secretary

Persian Tabby & Smoke/Tipped BACs

The above BACs are holding a Joint Seminar on Sunday, 1st July, 2007, at Hermitage Village Hall, High Street, Hermitage, Newbury, Berkshire RG18 9SS, starting at 1.30pm. Vetting-in for those bringing cats will commence at 11am, with time from 12 noon for those Probationer Judges who wish to undertake an assessment before the main Seminar begins. Light refreshments will be provided.

The themes for the Seminar are degree of tipping in Tipped, Shaded and Smoke cats, and Tabby patterns. Any owners of Mackerel or Spotted Tabbies who would be prepared to bring their cats along to demonstrate these patterns would be especially welcome, as they are now permitted to be shown at Championship level, but are very scarce at shows at present.

Tickets for the Seminar are £6, and can be obtained from me at 12 The Stocks, Seend Cleeve, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6PH. There will be no charge for anyone bringing a cat. However, those bringing cats are reminded that they must conform to the 13 day rule as for shows, and will be required to complete and sign the usual show declaration.
Rosemary Fisher, Hon Secretary