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Guest Editorial from Peter Hepburn, Chief Executive of Cats Protection

On behalf of Cats Protection, welcome to the latest edition of Our Cats. Having just taken over as the charity’s new Chief Executive I am delighted to be this issue’s Guest Editor and have the opportunity to greet the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and its affiliated cat clubs throughout the UK.

As you know, Cats Protection was formed by a number of cat clubs and breeders’ associations in 1927, and I’m pleased to say that our relationships with both the GCCF and its affiliated cat clubs has remained strong ever since.

We are all united by our passion for cats – whatever their size, shape, breed or colour – and our commitment to providing the best possible care for both pedigree and non-pedigree cats.

In addition, Cats Protection has been a proud exhibitor at the Supreme Cat Show for many years, and our Branches and GCCF-affiliated cat clubs around the UK work closely together, providing cat care information to the public or organising shows and fundraising events for their mutual benefit.

I would therefore like to thank the readers of Our Cats for all the ways in which they support the work of Cats Protection.

Of course, this is a very exciting time for the charity. This year Cats Protection celebrates its 80th Anniversary, giving us an ideal opportunity to celebrate the successes of the past as we go forward into the years ahead.

Our aims are quite simple: we want to find even more good homes for cats in need, to do even more to support the neutering of cats and to give even more people a better understanding of cats and their care. I very much value, and look forward to, your help and support in achieving these aims in the future.

If you want to learn more about Cats Protection then please visit our website at cats.org.uk or call our national Helpline on 08702 099099. Don’t forget that there are many ways that you can support the charity – making a donation, volunteering for us and, of course, homing a cat!

Enjoy this issue of Our Cats, and once again thanks for all your kind support.


Congratulations CATS PROTECTION on their 80th Anniversary from everyone at OUR CATS


Suffolk & Norfolk CC Show - May 19th
The OUR CATS Stand will once more be attending the popular Suffolk & Norfolk CC Show on 19 May.

Come and buy your Annual, renew or start a Subscription or see the Books in our book sale.

We look forward to seeing you all at this lovely show - the setting at Wood Green Animal Shelter is delightful, and in this week’s online edition, we have a feature on Wood Green itself.

Robert Fox (Photographer)

OUR CATS and Hills Official Photographer at GCCF Shows, also Official Photographer of Champion & Grand Champion Winners at shows for Royal Canin, will be attending the following:

Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire

Wolverhampton, W. Midlands

Telephone 01323 484282 - www.photopaws.co.uk


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We would encourage as many judges as possible to submit their reports by email to facilitate a fast turnaround and better service from OUR CATS.

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