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Catbook Dogbook - another internet phenomenon

FACEBOOK, the social networking site for online humans, has successfully crossed the species barrier in a massive way, thanks to a Canadian advertising executive, Geoffrey Roche, and his son Alexandre.

The pair have clocked up 700,000 canine and feline members on their Dogbook and Catbook (see Facebook), sites in three months.

Since its creation in June, cat and dog owners have been flocking to the Facebook sub-site in their thousands, to upload pictures and videos of their pets.

Why is it so popular?

Geoffrey Roche is reported in the Toronto Star as saying: “There’s been a dramatic change in the way people see their pets. Pets are much more a part of the family than they used to be. It’s more of an emotional thing now”.

He continued: “It’s an interesting way to meet people other than posting your entire life”.
• Website: http://www.facebook.com/

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