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A sad reflection
You could have been forgiven for reading one story, recently, and thinking it applied elsewhere…
A company in crisis, people at the top making the wrong decisions which backfired on them big style, having to be bailed out when things went wrong, people afraid of losing money and a big backlash from the ‘little people’.

No, I’m not talking about the GCCF, I’m referring to Northern Rock, a bank that many people trusted with their savings and their futures only to be let down badly by poor management and circumstances beyond their control.

Then there was the other one about a clash at the top…jealousy of someone who knew how to do the job, but the man at the top decided he couldn’t really work with him anymore, so Chelsea lost one of the best managers in the world…. despite the fact that all the supporters wanted to keep him. Sounds familiar…the people lose out again. Who did Chelsea put in charge? Some bloke from Israel that no one has ever heard of. You never know, they may win the Champions League. (Editors note... they couldn’t beat Fulham!)

Then there was another one…. and this time a cat is involved! Despite the fact that all the voters and viewers of Blue Peter phoned in and chose the name ‘Cookie’ for the new Blue Peter Kitten, the people who ran the programme decided to ignore everyone else and called the cat ‘Socks’. Well, now they have changed their minds and heads are beginning to roll. But, yet again, it has come too late to stop newspaper headlines such as, New lies fiasco shames the BBC. Surely the BBC, or any similar governing body, can do without such situations that leave them wide open to comments like, “the BBC’s reputation for honesty and integrity has hit a new low…”

Working party
OUR CATS has now learned of a working party that the GCCF apparently put together some time ago, to discuss and look at the ‘situation’ regarding their official journal. Not that we knew anything about it at the time. We refer you to John Hansson’s letter elsewhere in this edition where John takes issue with one of our recent articles.

We have respected John’s wishes and have published his letter in full and again, ask you the reader and ordinary cat show person to read it and see what you think. Neither myself or any of my colleagues at the paper can believe that a working party can be set up to discuss the official journal, and yet the incumbent publisher is not even contacted or has any knowledge that such a working party is discussing its future. Incredible!

Hardly surprising then that many of our readers are feeling like Northern Rock customers in a long queue and we at OUR CATS have more in common with an out of work Jose Mourinho and perhaps even more so with Cookie the ignored kitten!
Vince Hogan
(Editors note….well at least Mourinho got a big pay off!)

Publishers Note:
The above leader was written prior to the statement issued by the GCCF on its website on September 22nd. Our front-page article has considered some of the ramifications of this statement, which, for legal reasons, we are not allowed to reproduce in full in this issue of the paper.
From the News Desk
However, many people have asked to see the letter written by Betty Shingleton, the then Chairman of the GCCF, which has been referred to over the last few weeks.

OUR CATS as ever have nothing to hide in any of this, and we have responded by publishing the letter on page three of this issue.

We would point out that a number of ideas were put to the GCCF by Vince Hogan of OUR CATS to help in the area of publicity and spreading of information about the GCCF at shows.

As you will see all of these ideas were turned down including the offer we made to the GCCF of further space for a regular chatty article to keep in touch with the exhibitors and readers.

We also note that this facility could have been used to advantage, especially when you consider that the last official notice on their website was dated January 14th 2007 – hardly great communication.

It is also of interest that the writer of the letter admonishes OUR CATS for the slow publication of some show reports, many apparently, weeks after the show concerned and clearly outside any four week time frame, when OUR CATS should have returned them to the GCCF.
We are reminded of the phrase, ‘people in glass houses…’