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My name is Oscar. I am a regular moggie. I think I am about two years old but I can’t remember too much of my life before now (I think it is called post traumatic stress disorder). I will tell you what I can remember, however.

It all started about eight months ago when I woke up in the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals (SSPCA), and I was not feeling very well. I think my old family mistreated me for reasons I will never know. I had bruises all over my body and I had a terrible headache (I suffer from migraines on occasion!). I was told by an elder in the SSPCA – let’s call her Jane – that I was not the first cat to arrive there. Apparently, over 12 000 injured, abused, neglected and orphaned pets (that’s what humans call us) were cared for and re-homed by the SSPCA last year alone.

She also told me that it was established by some lovely people in 1893, and that it helps pets (there’s that word again) farm animals and wildlife. I spent a lot of time with Jane in the cattery there- we used to lounge around and talk about philosophy and the art of grooming. I was not sure if I was ever going to leave the SSPCA – I really liked Jane and all the friends I made there (I even talked to a rabbit once) – but I really felt that the time was approaching when I would need to move onto greener pastures, so to speak.

It was around this time when I met Mr and Mrs Wilson. Personally, I feel like there was psychic connection between us and Mr and Mrs Wilson knew that I was ready to leave the SSPCA. Understandably, I was nervous about going to my new home. Of course, Mr and Mrs Wilson (I like to call them ma and pa) had to answer a lot of questions before I could be sure that they were suitable to home me. The people at the SSPCA wanted to be sure that my new home was going to be suitable, so they asked ma and pa questions like, “Can we contact your VET for a reference? Have you had cats before? Do you have a good-sized garden?”

Ma and pa were a perfect match for me, so, a few days later I went home with them. When we arrived home, I was surprised to find to that ma and pa had three dogs already. I was sure to make my claws known to them immediately and now they know who is boss (I am sure that my intelligence scared them too). Ma and pa also have a little person that lives with them, he looks a lot like ma and pa. Sometimes I let him pat me, but mostly these days I just sit around and talk philosophy with the dogs. Sometimes I wonder if we speak the same language though!

When I am not enlightening the dogs, I like to investigate the house – I have found some interesting nooks. Sometimes I like to collect my thoughts inside what I think is called a washing machine. Ma and seem to like it when I do that, get excited and their whole bodies wiggle around on the spot and they took some photos of me. Other times I like to go into cupboards and pretend that I am transporting through time and space. I like my new home and I hope all my friends, especially Jane, have found comfortable and fun homes like I have.

If you would like to adopt an animal from the SSPCA, call 0131 339 0222
If you would like to report an injured, distressed or under threat animal, please call 0870 737 7722.