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Rhyme or Reason


My boy with bright green eyes
and shiny coat as black as night
As your time came, you did not
succumb with ease
you put up such a brave fight
But finally you had to let go and
gently approach purradise and peace.

Oh my Dan if tears could have
kept you within my life,
we would never have had to part,
but sadly now you have gone
You will slumber forever in my heart
the memories of you will always live on.

You knew I was with you I am sure
as I cradled you gently within my arms
I held you so close as I have before
as the light left your eyes
you would see me no more
I feel the tears and sorrow will never end
as I let go and you to cat heaven I send.

When I look up into the midnight skies
I will see the stars sparkle each night
but the one that sparkles the very best
will be you my very brave Dan, so bright.
(D. Nolan, Darlington)