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Ruling over cat food advert

TWO COMPLAINTS against Proctor & Gamble UK, (P&G) over an advert for cat food have been knocked back by the Advertising Standards Agency, (ASA). In an adjudication published today, the ASA said that P&G’s claim for its Iams Adult dry cat food, that: “We have everything cats need and nothing they don’t to help them stay healthy and happy for life”, is a valid one.

The complainants had said the advert was misleading because they believed that cats did not require carbohydrates in their diet.

P&G responded that dietary proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibre, vitamins and minerals promoted normal structure and function of internal and external organs of cats, and that Iams did not use ingredients that were not beneficial to cats’ health, such as food colorants and artificial preservatives.

The company submitted a copy of the nutritional guidelines for complete cat food produced by the European Federation of Pet Food Manufacturers (FEDIAF).

FEDIAF guidelines recommend 26g of protein per 100g on a dry matter basis and 9g of fat per 100g on a dry matter basis as minimum levels in an adult cat’s maintenance diet.

Iams Adult complete cat food was well above that minimum requirement.

According to the ASA, P&G said carbohydrates were a key energy source in the diet, and that certain carbohydrate ingredients provided specific benefits to energy metabolism in cats.

The ASA said it understood that, in addition to the nutrients essential for an adult cat, a complete cat food would also contain components which enhanced the nutritional profile of the product. It said that, while not an essential nutritional requirement, carbohydrates and dietary fibres could have beneficial effects on the health of the digestive tract and provided a useful source of metabolic energy - and that there is no scientific evidence that specifically mentioned that carbohydrates were harmful to cats.

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