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Mrs Joan Varcoe
SADLY, I have to report that Mrs Joan Varcoe, Vice-President of the Siamese Cat Club and a Siamese Judge, died on 2nd September, 2007. She was 93.

Joan became Chairman of the Club in 1969, and I understand she retired from the Committee and emigrated to live in Ceret, France, with her husband. In 1973, she was made a Vice-President of the Club, and during this time, many of her friends kept in contact with her, as did the Club, with AGM papers and our Newsletters keeping her up to date with matters concerning the Club.

I understand she devoted much of her time whilst in France to the rescue and rehoming of cats - mostly domestics in co-operation with the local rescues, and her loss will be sorely missed by all the unwanted felines and, of course, her fellow workers.

On behalf of the Chairman, Committee and Members, I send our deepest sympathy to her relatives at this sad time.

Jean Murchison, Hon Secretary, The Siamese Cat Club


Pat Short
I FIRST met Pat Short and her beloved Indianqueen Burmese nearly 30 years ago, as a novice breeder and exhibitor.

She was one of the first Burmese Judges that I had the privilege to steward for, and I will always remember her gentleness with which she handled the exhibits.

She was a lovely lady to know, and I send my deepest sympathy to her family.
Mrs Jan Molin