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The Original GCCF Letter from 1983
18th July 1983



In Regard to last paragraph:

"Other points giving concern to the Committee are as follows"

The Original GCCF Letter from 1983
18th July 1983

Dear Mr Marples,
The Executive Committee met last Wednesday and it discussed your letter of 11th July.
They thank you very much for the comments you made in the letter and look forward to a long association with you and your company.

The Governing Council had an agreement with Watmough & Co. that should they have to give up the publication of Cats at any time, they would give us three months notice as a minimum of their intention to cease publication and the Executive Committee would be grateful for a similar assurance from you and your Company. The same notice to be given by us if the official contract should cease.

They were pleased to hear that Mr Doyle will be continuing as Editor of Cats as obviously our association with Brian is quite long standing now, and we would have been sad to be no longer working with him.

I have spoken to Brian recently and already told him informally that the Executive have agreed to continue with Cats magazine as the official journal and no doubt you have already heard this via him also.

The Executive wished you to know that they would certainly think it editorally irresponsible of you not to publish opposing views from time to time, in fact the general feeling was that the magazine could be rather more controversial to the advantage of both the Fancy and the magazine itself.

With our very best wishes for the success of this venture. I am
Yours sincerely
Lesley Pring
P.S. The Committee are very concerned that the format remain unchanged.


Cats reply
27th July 1983

Dear Lesley,
I write to thank you for your letter of July 18th, in which I am delighted to note that the Executive Committee of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy are happy to continue the association with Cats.

The Council may be assured that should the continued publication of Cats be imperilled at any time, the greatest possible notice would naturally be given to them.

With the appearance of the first issue under our care, your Committee will, I hope, be reassured that the format has undergone no radical change and whatever that change may be, it is for the better.

With best wishes
Yours sincerely
R. Marples