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Lincoln Cat Care - (October News)

During October we will be advertising our FREE NEUTERING CAMPAIGN for cats.

If you apply to us during October we will send a voucher to your vet for the complete cost of neutering your cat(s).

Of course this will make a hefty hole in our resources so if you are able to contribute anything towards the cost that will help other cats, but the important goal is to get as many cats neutered as possible.

This has been the worst year for kittens for a long while and, because of this, cats needing to come into care are having to wait longer and longer. We feel that this is the most cost effective use of funds as the benefits ripple out far beyond the obvious. Please call 01522 793444 for more information or to apply for a voucher. You can also e mail me.

The huge number of kittens has not lessened even this late into the year. Sadly many litters are so weak that they have either not survived or have deformities. This is the unseen side of letting cats produce unwanted litters. Many weeks of foster carer’s time and many pounds of our funds are spent on these kittens. We would never consider refusing to help them but we do get so frustrated when we have kittens needing homes while loving adult cats are abandoned to their fate.

Thank you to everyone who responded in your usual generous manner to the appeal for soft toys. The quantity was unbelievable! This is an ongoing need so please don’t stop. Thank you also for your tremendous support of our shop ( at Gowt’s Bridge, Lincoln) by both donating a seemingly endless supply of really good items to sell or by spending your cash buying those items. The high quality and volume have kept the fund raising events supplied as well, and indeed extra events have needed to be booked. Again please do keep this up as the number of cats needing our help only grows. You know that the funds all go directly to the cats.

Our quarterly newsletter comes out again in November and goes free to all members. If you’d like to receive a copy then call Jenny on 01522 788597 or join on our website. If you come across interesting cat snippets to share with others then please either e mail them to me or post them in.

Events for October: 13th - Coffee Morning at Boultham Park Library from 9am until 12-30pm. 27th - Bric-a-brac and Bargain Sale at Birchwood Scout Hut, Lincoln from 10am until 2pm. Ros will be doing her, now annual, sponsored swim at the Bentley Hotel Lincoln on the 11th so if you’ve sponsored her, get your cheque books ready, if not it’s still not too late. Ring Ros on 01522 703870 for details or to sponsor.

Many of our stalwart volunteers now take extended breaks over the winter. This leaves a desperate need for extra helpers especially in fund raising and helping in the shop. If you feel you can lend a hand please call Joyce on 01522 683675 or pop into the shop.
Thank you one and all for your continued support either physical or financial that enables so many cats to be helped.

Remember if you don’t wish to receive LCC mails just return with ‘delete me’ in the subject line.
Thanks again, Brian.