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A feast of information for cat lovers - it’s all happening in Basingstoke!

If you can get to Basingstoke for the weekend of November 3rd and 4th then you are bound to learn something useful. The Apollo Hotel will host the FAB Conference on Saturday, November 3rd and then the first of the Petplan/FAB Breeder roadshows on Sunday, November 4th.

The FAB Conference programme has its usual interesting mix with FAB post holders covering intestinal lymphoma, dementia in cats, and kidney failure. Alex Campbell, Manager of the Veterinary Poisons Information Service will look at common poisons, including a recent campaign raising the issue of cats poisoned by accident from dog flea control products containing
permethrin. It also looks at how veterinary practices are becoming more cat-friendly. Behaviourist and author Vicky Halls will consider problems of over-bonding between cats and their owners.

‘All About Cats’, the first of a series of four Petplan FAB roadshows for breeders and vets features well know experts such as Professor Tim Gruffydd-Jones, Professor Danielle Gunn-Moore and behaviourist Vicky Halls and will look at the significance of inherited problems in cats, oestrus control and the importance of the early weeks for socialisation.

A series of hot topics will update on issues which have been whizzing around the internet and at shows - Group G strep, calicivirus strains, ringworm treatments, lymphosarcoma in Siamese and orofacial pain in Burmese. Danielle will also look at diarrhoea problems and the potential role of infections diseases, including Tritrichomonas foetus.

For full details of both conferences go to www.fabcats.org/conferences.
Other venues for the roadshow are Nottingham Vet School (December 1st),
Edinburgh Vet School (February 16th 2008) and Doncaster (March 2nd).