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PART 5 - SHOW By David Johnson

‘Might get a bit of peace now’ Kugu the Turkish Van thought as he stretched out in the sun.

The laughing had made him feel good and he turned over onto his side to look across the garden when the small head popped up again.

‘Has he gone?’ the Mole shouted in alarm.

‘He wasn’t here,’ laughed the cat as he rolled over again, ‘I was just testing your reflexes, that made you jump - I mean dive - didn’t it Stardust?’

‘How do you mean he wasn’t here?’ the Mole called back as the cat rolled over to look through the wire at him, ‘What did you shout Duck for?’

‘I thought I saw something flying over,’ chortled the cat, quickly bobbing his head down as the Mole threw a piece of soil at him.

‘It just came back and dropped a bomb!’ laughed the Mole as the soil landed on Kugu’s head.
‘Why did you call me Stardust?’ the Mole asked with a squeak of excitement in his voice. ‘Is that my new name?’

‘I suppose so’ the cat sighed as he pulled himself up into a sitting position and swung his tail round his front paws.

‘What is Stardust?’ the Mole asked with growing excitement as he levered his
shoulders out of his hole and settled comfortably on the ground to regard the cat.

‘You’re not thinking of stopping are you?’ asked the cat as the Mole rested his head in his hands.
‘Might do,’ replied the Mole with a smile, ‘Is it safe for a bit? Is dad about?’

‘He’s gone off for the day with Mum to a show’ replied Kugu. ‘If you had been
awake at three this morning you would have heard the car.’

‘I don’t get up in the middle of the night thank you,’ replied the Mole indignantly, ‘It’s bad enough trying to sleep with those dopey rabbits running riot. What’s a show?’ he suddenly asked.

‘All this talking is making me thirsty,’ replied the cat as he stood up, ‘Hang on a minute whilst I go and have a drink’ and he turned and walked to the cat flap into his living quarters.

‘Have you got anything to eat?’ shouted the Mole as the cat stopped halfway through his door.
‘I’m not running a café you know,’ grumbled the cat as he backed out and turned his head to the Mole. ‘Anyway, I thought you had your own grub down the wilderness – worms and the like. Besides, you wouldn’t like chocolate biscuits.’

The he added with a smile: ‘How about a bit of sticky toffee, that might stop you chattering for a bit.’ The sudden idea made him laugh as he pushed his head through the flap and disappeared.

‘Try a few of these,’ the cat suggested as he reappeared through the flap with a handful of small brown biscuits in his paws, ‘These will keep you going for a bit,’ he added as he pushed the biscuits through the wire.

‘I can’t reach them,’ the Mole complained as he stretched out, his short arms just not long enough to reach the biscuits.

‘Well get out of your hole!’ Kugu replied with some exasperation.

‘You can get out can’t you?’ he asked. ‘Or do you need a ladder?’

‘Funny, funny,’ muttered the Mole as he clambered out of the hole and walked across the border on to the path towards the small pile of biscuits.

‘Hmmm… a bit salty’ he said as he held a biscuit in his paws and took a bite. ‘Don’t wonder you get thirsty,’ he added as he munched the rest of it then awkwardly gathered up the remainder in his paws and tottered back to his hole.

‘What happened to your tail’? the cat suddenly exclaimed as the Mole stopped and began dropping the biscuits down into his tunnel.

‘What do you mean what’s happened with my tail?’ the Mole asked indignantly as he stopped and turned his head. ‘My tail’s all right if you don’t mind.’ Despite his indignation, he looked at his back end, where his short stump tail hung.

‘It’s bit short’ laughed the cat. ‘Why don’t you back over here and I’ll pull it for you?’
The Mole replied with a snort as he continued dropping the biscuits down into his tunnel and then he licked his paws and turned round.

‘This end is where the brains are, Mr Cuckoo’ he retorted as he tapped his forehead with a long claw, carefully lowering his back end into the hole. ‘Where do you hide yours?’ he asked with a laugh.

‘Seems you have sense of humour as well as a sense of smell,’ sighed the cat. ‘Now which question do you want answering first?’ he asked as the Mole shuffled into a better position.

‘Stardust! Stardust!’ replied the Mole with growing excitement as he suddenly pushed his arms up and clapped his paws together with glee. He suddenly disappeared backwards down his hole as he lost his grip.

‘Thought you were staying for a bit,’ smiled Kugu to himself as the mound of soil fell in on top of the Mole, prompting a lot of muffled, indignant protests from below. ‘’Bye for now Stardust’ he laughed as he lay on his side and stretched out again.

Maybe he’d get a quiet doze before the mole popped up again… but eh wasn’t banking on it. The mole had a habit of being rather persistent. ‘Still – grab the peace when you can, eh?’ he thought to himself.