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Thugs try to drown cat in engine oil

A Cat owner has spoken of his heartache after his puss was doused in dirty engine oil by sick thugs.

Snowy, a seven-year-old pure white cat half-Siamese was attacked in Mr Smith’s workshop yard on Friday, September 21st and covered in three gallons of diesel oil.

Luckily Snowy’s owner Peter Smith, who runs a garage in Newent, Gloucestershire, found him in the nick of time and found Snowy cowering inside the garage having fled his attackers.

The cat was vomiting oil in a failed attempt to clean himself. Snowy was rushed to the town’s Millpark Veterinary Centre.

He was suffering severe internal injuries from swallowing the oil and spent the next day, Saturday, anaesthetised as vets tried to keep him alive.

Mr Smith said: ‘His little face was pure white but the rest of him was covered in black from the neck down.

‘I don’t think there’s any doubt that he was held by his head when they did it. He was obviously trying to clean it off him and had been sick several times.’

Mr Smith had arrived at work early, at 7am, where he discovered several three gallon containers of oil strewn around the lorries parked nearby the garage.

Mr Smith, who operates the garage business with son James, fears he was deliberately targeted.
‘I don’t think it was kids - where would they get three gallons of dirty engine oil from?’

Mr Smith alerted his ex-wife, Anney Bond-Smith, a member of Cats’ Protection, which took the cat to the Millpark Centre. Vets spent the day cleaning his fur to ensure he could not ingest any more of the oil.

Ms Bond-Smith, said his albino fur was extra sensitive to the oil, adding: ‘The very fact that he was just covered in it made us think they poured it over him.’

Snowy was finally released two days after his ordeal on the Sunday and is making good recovery at home.

Mr Smith added: ‘He has survived it pretty well but if I had not arrived early that morning I’m not sure what would have happened.’

Police believe this incident to have happened some time between 9pm on Friday, September 21st and 7am on Saturday, September 22.

A police spokeswoman said: ‘This was a very cruel act to carry out on a defenceless animal and we understand that the animal has had to undergo lengthy and quite intense treatment.’

* If you have information about the attack call 0845 090 1234 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, quoting incident 156 of Saturday, September 22.