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Lucky Penny found on a scrap heap is looking for a new home

A tiny kitten found cowering in a heap of scrap metal at a Cheshire recycling centre has been given a second chance in life, thanks to Cats Protection.

The seven-week-old tortie-and-white cat, named Penny because of her lucky escape - was found trapped in a pile of old bicycles, iron railings and other trashed items at Chester City Council’s Recycling Centre in Cheshire. Her terrified cries were heard by a worker, who freed her from the pile before it was taken for recycling.

Victor Stevenson, the worker who rescued Penny, said: “I was working in the yard one day when I heard a faint cry coming from one of the scrapheaps. I took a closer look and spotted a distressed kitten trapped in the heap and unable to free herself. After carefully releasing her, I was relieved to see that she was unharmed, although she was definitely shaken up!

“I’ve no idea how she got in there as her mother or siblings were nowhere to be seen but I’m just relieved I found her – it doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened if I hadn’t.”
Penny is now in the care of Cats Protection at its Wrexham Adoption Centre and charity workers are desperately trying to find the little cat a new home.

Vicky Keen, Deputy Manager at the Adoption Centre, said: “Despite Penny’s difficult start to life she is recovering well and is a perky and inquisitive character. One of her eyes has an odd shape so that when she looks at you, it’s as if she wants to ask a question. It’s probably that spirit of adventure that got her into that scrap heap in the first place!”

According to Cats Protection, Penny is a friendly kitten who would make a lovely family pet. She has been vaccinated and microchipped and will need to be neutered when she is old enough to have the operation.

If you would like to offer Penny a home then please call Cats Protection’s Wrexham Adoption Centre on 01978 313574.