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Pet shop publishes pet sales figures

AN ONLINE pet shop has taken the extraordinary step of making public a breakdown of its UK sales, which give a fascinating insight into how sales vary from region to region, showing the spending power of pet owners in different parts of the UK.

With figures taken from his company sales records, Director Paul Sutton of The Pet Extraordinarium has published a set of transaction values and sales volume by region.
The Pet Extraordinarium bills itself as a ‘lifestyle store for animals and their owners’. Many of its pet products come in at the mid to high end of the market.

The figures show Middlesex to be the most generous region in the UK when it comes to people spoiling West Midlands at £48.63. Scotland as a whole was also treated as a region. It came third at £44.23.

In terms of volume the London area – which incorporates Middlesex – came top with 9.6%, whilst Scotland came second, but some distance behind, with 6.6%. At the bottom end of the transaction volume scale West Yorkshire scored a dour and frugal 3.9%, whilst Hampshire trailed in last at 3.3%.