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You’re always there when I come home
You’re never out you never roam
A fond caress
You’re just the best.

I like it most when we’re alone
My secrets shared with you I’ve known
You’ll never tell
I know that well.

You’re my best friend and soul mate too
You always know when I feel blue
I love you so
And that you know.

Your silky coat your trusting eyes
Svelte like body and head held high
Your stealth like walk
The way you talk.

At times you listen come what may
A purred reply to what I say
‘Bout this or that
My special cat.

The above was written about CH & GR PR Abburrex Gizelle (72 45q) October 1993-May 2006. She never failed to leave a paw print on the hearts of all who knew her.
(J. Steels, Blundeston)


I was on my way to a fashion show when a lucky black CAT crossed my path.
Then CAT connected things started to happen, on reflection it still makes me laugh.

I fell head over heels for a model; she was a CAT walk queen,
The CAT like way she moved around was a fashion guru’s dream.

After the show I was shocked and speechless when she asked me for a date.
Still stunned I decided this must be written in the stars, my destiny and my fate.

I was many years older than her, she was so beautiful and so young,
She said “you are a very quiet man, has the CAT got your tongue?”

I said “what do you see in me? I am poor and old and not much fun.”
She said, “you have experience and maturity, you have had nine lives to my one.”

“But why me?” I blurted, “I am almost bald, I am wrinkly and fat.”
She said, “you are getting too curious, and curiosity killed the CAT.

I smiled like a Cheshire CAT when I realised what was occurring,
It seemed like she wanted to get her claws into me, I swear that she was purring.

She made me feel like I was the CAT’s Whiskers, a real cool CAT in the extreme.
I lapped up this wonderful attention, like a CAT that had got the cream.

I was up in the clouds, floating, feet off the ground, yes I was living proof,
That when a man is falling for a beautiful girl, he’s like a CAT on a hot tin roof.

I took her to see a musical; yes of course we went to see CATS.
Then she took me back to her place, one of those posh Mews flats.

I sat down on the sofa; she kissed me gently while sliding onto my lap.
Then I woke up and sadly it had all been a dream, I had been having a CAT nap.

(J. D. O’Brien, Redruth)



I go to shows I strut my stuff,
Sometimes the competitions tuff,
I purr at all who prod and poke,
believe me that’s no bloody joke.

I have a sleep, a pee a poo,
Weeeell it’s something else for me to do.

In come the public to coo and crow
at all the cats here at the show.
I’m getting bored I think I’ll spray!
a perfect end to a perfect day.
(M. Ellis, Bolton)