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Lincoln Cat Care - (September News)

This month has seen too many young cats producing litters in sheds and greenhouses. We’ve brought them in from virtually every village and from every corner of Lincoln. Many of these were giving birth for the second or third time.

At least these mums will be able to lead a contented life in a home rather than left to scrounge food where they can and fall to the next tom to come along. Hardly any of these were cats that had not lived in a home environment but, perhaps, felt insecure there and so went elsewhere to have their babies.

Events for September are :- 8th Sept: Our Autumn Fayre at St Swithin’s Church, Lincoln from 10am until 2pm.15th Sept: We have a Stall and Can Collection in Sainsbury’s store on Triton Road. Over the weekend of 15th/16th we have a Stall at Livingstone’s Garden Centre in Saxilby. On 29th Sept we have a Coffee Morning at the Central Library from 10am until 1pm.

Please try to support these events as the ladies work hard to raise money for the cats. Also our shop at 84a High Street (Gowt’s Bridge) needs your support. We always need good quality items to sell and they can be dropped into the shop or we can collect. Remember the staff are all volunteers and so, after expenses, all the money goes directly to helping cats. Both Joyce and Allison are always glad to hear of volunteers to help so if you can spare an hour or two please mail me and I’ll pass on your details.

The number of cats we can bring into care is restricted by the number of homes that foster them pending their moving onto a new permanent home. If you feel you could provide a temporary home for these needy cats or kittens then please contact me. We can supply the food, litter and all back up needed, all we ask is a loving, stable environment for these cats. We are also looking for suitable homes to house outside pens for cats that are stressed indoors. Again we can supply the pen to a home that is prepared to spend time with these cats bringing them on to accept close human contact. We also would like to hear from homes able to accept a working cat or two to control outhouses, stables etc.

We try to feature as many lost or found cats as we can on our website in the hope that someone will recognise them. If you have a missing cat please send me a photo and some details. Elja has compiled a folder with lots of tips to help find your treasure. This can be mailed to you just for the asking. The website address is www.lincolncatcare.org. uk and just click on the menu. Likewise if there’s a cat around that no one seems to own, take a snap and mail it in. the more lost treasures we can re unite the better.

Our newsletter, Scratch Post News, comes out again in November, we’ve just sent one in August. Featured in it will be a story on the one thousandth cat to find a new home since we’ve been operating. We do take a lot of trouble matching cats to home environments to lessen the chances of cats not settling. As I write the SPN I’m always glad to hear of cat related titbits to feature so if you’ve got a quirky cat, or know of one, please let me know.

As usual thanks to everyone that supports our work with the cats in any way. I would like to re-iterate that we have NO connection with Cats Protection or their shop (also in High Street) as some people have mistakenly dropped off goods there.

Remember if you don’t wish to receive LCC mails just return with ‘delete me’ in the subject line.