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Sphynx Breeders Association
The AGM of the club will be held on Wednesday, 26 September. It will be held at Heritage House, Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green, Colchester, Essex CO6 3QH. The meeting will commence at 7.30pm.

Further details will be sent to fully paid-up Members nearer the date of the AGM.
Barry Newcombe, Hon Secretary

Cheshire Area Cat Club

The AGM will take place on 14 November at 2.30pm, at the Epic Leisure Centre, McGarva Way, Ellesmere Port CH65 9HH.

Items for the Agenda must be sent to Mrs M. Holmes, Hon Secretary, 24 Slingsby Drive, Upton Wirral CH49 0TZ. Tel. 0151-677 8446. Email kavikat_persians@hotmail.com
Members are reminded that subscriptions are now due, and should be sent to Mr J. A. Cox MBE, 72 Ascott Drive, Great Sutton, South Wirral CH66 2NQ. New members welcome.
M. Holmes (Mrs), Hon Secretary

There are a couple of errors in the Show Schedule.
Judge Mrs C. Jones should be Mrs J. Jones and also the postcode for the Shorthaired entries should be Mrs J. Prescott, 5 Weald Drive, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port CH66 4YW.
Pat Parrish, Show Manager

Wessex Cat Club

The Wessex Cat Club will be running coaches as usual to the Supreme and the National shows, starting from Poole, with various pick-up points on the way, including Rownhams Services and Winchester.

Please would any Club Members interested in booking seats let the Club Treasurer, David Mitchell, know as soon as possible on 01202 841797, so that he can make the booking - he will be able to tell you the likely timings and cost. There may also be seats available for non-members.
Judy Emmens, Secretary

Rex Cat Club

Would intending exhibitors at the 19th Championship Show, to be held on 3 November at Milton Keynes please note that Class 447 (Scottish Rex Cat Club Class - Selkirk Rex or LaPerm Adult Kitten or Neuter) will now be judged by Mrs Gregory, and not as published in the schedule.
Janet Starr, Show Manager

Colourpoint, Rex-Coated & AOV Club

Due to an error in the Schedule, please note that Classes 99, 106 and 117 (Snow Marbled Bengal etc) are deleted, and are now replaced with Sphynx Adult, Kitten and Neuter.
All three classes will be judged by Mrs Gregory.

Schedules may be downloaded from the internet, or by post from me, Mrs Patsy Knight (Joint Show Manager) at 79 Stoney Lane, Bloxwich, Walsall WS3 3RE. Tel. 01922 475677 (with SAE please).
Patsy Knight, Joint Show Manager

The LaPerm Cat Club
The LaPerm Cat Club are putting on a Competition for all Club Members for the 2007/2008 show season, which runs from June 2007 to the end of May 2008.

Please keep track of your points for the show season, as there will be some superb prizes for all the winners! These will include a year’s free club membership and all sorts of cat and human goodies.

This is how to work out the points: 5 points for each merit; 5 points for a cat on exhibition only; 5 points for a 1st prize in a side class; 2 points for a 2nd prize in a side class; 1 point for a 3rd prize in a side class.

There will be prizes for the following: Overall Winner - highest scoring cat; Highest scoring Adult Male; Highest scoring Adult Female; Highest scoring Male Kitten; Highest scoring Female Kitten; Highest scoring Male Neuter; Highest scoring Female Neuter.

Cats shown during the year as a kitten and then as an adult and/or neuter can be entered for more than one category, however, only points gained as a kitten can count towards Highest Scoring Kitten, only points gained as an adult can count towards Highest Scoring Adult, and only points gained as a neuter can count towards Highest Scoring Neuter. The overall highest scoring cat will be judged on points gained by an individual cat in all categories.

Please keep records from the shows you attend. You will need to record all of the following on your claims form which is available on the website or from the link below.
Name of cat, Name and date of show, Name of class and judge, Placing.
If you prefer, you can always mail in the results to me at pennicragg@laperm.info
Good luck to everybody!
Penni Cragg, Secretary

Bucks, Oxon & Berks Cat Society
Ms J. Allen is unable to judge at the Bucks, Oxon & Berks Cat Society show on 15 September, 2007, so her Classes will be judged as follows:

Classes 38, 108, 480, 490 and 756 - Mrs J. Ashman. Classes 81 and 82 - Mrs C. Bamford. Class 161 - Mrs D. Butters. Classes 509, 511, 517 and 523 - Mr M. Pearman.

If this affects anyone for certificates, please come to me on the day so that I can arrange a countersignature.

Barbara Prowse, Show Manager

Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards
The Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards will be holding its Annual Seminar on Sunday, 28 October, 2007, at Mappleborough Green Village Hall. This year’s theme is “Red, Cream and Apricot Cats”.
We are aiming to have up to 25 cats on exhibition, from as wide a range of breeds as possible, and in a range of patterns to include Self, Tabby, Silver, Smoke, Colourpoint, Bicolour, etc. Possible discussion topics will include:

(a) distinguishing agouti from non-agouti;

(b) the effect of colour restriction genes (burmese, siamese, tonkinese);

(c) the effect of coat length and texture (inc. Rex genes);

(d) the effect of inhibitor gene

Seminars are an important part of judge training, and we cannot hold Seminar without cats, so if you are willing to bring one or more along, please do contact me (obviously the usual 13 day rule will apply). Entry to the Seminar (including lunch) is free to Guild Members and those bringing cats, and £7.50 for others.

Proposed (approximate) timings are as follows: 11am - Judges Guild AGM; 12.30pm - Lunch; 1.30pm - Seminar; 4.30pm - Close.

I can be contacted by telephone (01777 249075) or email vervain.cats@gmail.com and my address is The Old Post Office, Cottam, Retford, Notts DN22 0EZ.
Naomi Johnson


The Birman BAC
The BAC will be holding a Seminar at the home of Dr K. Robson in Oxfordshire on 30 September. The cost of tickets is £7, to include lunch.
Assessments will be available for Probationer Judges, starting at 11.30am, with the remainder of the seminar commencing with lunch at 1pm.
Please contact me for tickets at ‘Brambles’, Kings Lane, Longcot, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7TZ. Tel. 01793 783351 or email sally@ aspirata.com
The BAC recommends to Judges & Stewards that cats should be placed on trolleys when checking tails for faults.
Sally Rainbow-Ockwell, Hon Secretary