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The Progressive Ragdoll Breed
Cat Club 3rd Sanction Show

Photo by Carol Walker

“Basking in the glory”, Overall BIS HP, BONNIE GOLDENGIRL in her BIS pen.

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North West Cat Club Show
24 September

Come and see our stand at this great show where our Managing Director,
will be on hand to show you all best in feline treats.

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Royal Canin

If you were at the Kensington Kitten & Neuter Cat Club Show
or Southern Counties and used your credit card on the Royal Canin Stand,
please contact Christian Romeril URGENTLY on 07770 814703.

Latest News from the World of Cats

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The Animal Care College

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Our Cats Breeder Directory
Latest additions to the Our Cats Breeder Directory include...

• HEAVENSANGEL Persian - Tyne and Wear
• FORESTDANCER Norwegian Forest - Northants. pictured
• MUSCAR Birman - Wiltshire
• TILSIE Persian - North Wales
• CAREBEAR Exotics - Ireland
• GRISELIAN British Tipped - Cleveland
• AFFECTIONATE Bengal - Lincolnshire
• HICKERBY Asian - Gloucestershire
• CULLYKHAN Persian - Tyne and Wear

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Supreme Show 2005

Last year, several disappointed exhibitors found their entries returned
as the show had closed by the time their entries reached the GCCF office.

Make sure you do not miss out this year and post your entries off in good time!
Entries close on 14 September 2005 (RECEIPT IN GCCF OFFICE) and there
can be no exceptions - late entries will NOT be accepted.

This year there is lots to look forward to, including the new BEST OF BREED commemorative Specials from ROYAL CANIN, prizes for Decorated Pen Winners, a HILLS Goodie Bag for all exhibitors and commemorative specials to BEST OF VARIETY winners!

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