Yorkshire Counties Cat Club
October 22nd

Come and see our stand at this great show where FIONA SIMPSON
will be on hand to show you all the latest in feline goodies.

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Kim and Aggie say ban big wigglies!

From October Ist, the nation’s favourite cleaning ladies, Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie are helping to get cat and dog owners to clean up their act! The celebrity duo have placed their considerable vim and vigour behind the month long ‘ Big Wiggly’ campaign to focus public attention on the importance of pet hygiene.

Dogs and cats can get unpleasant wiggly worms –called Toxocara - in their gut
and the eggs they produce can infect people – especially the under 5’s.
These worm eggs can also stick on a dog’s coat too and veterinary experts have suggested that monthly worming against Toxocara is the best way forward –
and the country’s top cleaning duo agree!

Say Aggie and Kim, ‘Keeping your pet clean is just as important as your house!
We are backing the ‘ Big Wiggly’ campaign to help make people aware of the
importance of looking after their pets – inside and out - which includes getting
shot of unwanted guests in the gut through a strict monthly Toxocara treatment regime. Owning a dog or cat is the most fantastically rewarding experience
but keeping them spick and span is all part of the relationship.’

The Big Wiggly campaign encourages owners to seek advice from their vet regarding worm control. Throughout October hundreds of vets throughout the UK will be offering owners plenty of advice on care and prevention. The campaign website, provides a wealth of facts and information for pet owners, plus a fun and informative kid’s page gives the low down on avoiding those big wigglies.
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