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Norwegian Forest Cat Club's 4th Championship Show

Overall BIS was Tabby & White kitten, TIGANLEA QUEEN (aka Jazzy),
bred by C. & J. Tipper and owned by Jenny & Darren Handy.
Jaz shows she’s in tune with a proud Darren.

Photos and report by Nick Mays and Sheena Stratton, plus judging critiques,
can be read at - Show Reports section.

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Our Cats Breeder Directory
Latest additions to the Our Cats Breeder Directory include...

• FELESAMOR British Shorthair - Kent pictured
• BARRENGER British Shorthair - Somerset
• BEAUSANCY Bengal - West Midlands
• FELONIE Birman - Wiltshire
• METEXA Siamese - West Yorkshire pictured
• WAKANDA LaPerm - Northamptonshire
• LUSARA Burmese - Norfolk
• JAYMAX Balinese - Somerset
• CLAWSGALORE Burmese - Kent

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Latest News from the World of Cats

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• Amanda Dunnett helps to raise awareness about microchipping
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• Charity News
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