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Suffolk and Norfolk Championship Show

Presenting the Grace Denny Rosebowl for Best Overall Champion of Champions
at the Suffolk & Norfolk CC Show is their Chairman, Grace Denny.

A feature on the show will be in the next issue of OUR CATS.

Our Cats on the Road

Come and visit the Our Cats stand at the forthcoming shows:

Lincolnshire Cat Club Show
8th July

OUR CATS Managing Director, VINCE HOGAN is on the road again bringing our superb stand to this great show. Fabulous freebies for all subscribers who renew or begin their subscription at this show. Advertise your win in our fabulous fortnightly paper and see our selection of books and stationery. Book your Annual Ad NOW for great savings.

15th July

Deeside Leisure Centre

Chester & North Wales
12th August

The North Gate Arena
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We also carry a range of books and DVDs plus the Cat Show Planner
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Our Cats Annual 2007

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Merseyside Cat Club Show

A delighted Dr P. Collin with his own bred AUREUS DEAR PRUDENCE,
winner of Best in Show at the Merseyside Cat Club Show.

Photos and report can be read at - Show Reports section.

Our Cats Back Issue Index

24th March, 2006
Issue No. 1086

Cat Chat - with Chris Stalker
A Risky Business - Toxicara cati
Club News
Rescue Directory
On The Prowl
and the following show reports;
Bristol & District CS, Bucks Oxon & Berks CS
Cameo Pewter & Smoke Society
Central Longhaired CC, Coventry & Leic CC
Croydon CC, Nation CC, Southern Counties CC, Midland Counties CC, Sth Western Counties CC, C’point Rex-Coated & AOV CC, Birman CC, Yorkshire County CC, Tonkinese Breed Club, Ocicat & Bengal CC, Burmese CS, Shorthair CC, Chinchilla Silver Tabby & Smoke CC, Supreme, Cheshire Area CC, Maidstone & Medway CC, Trans-Pennine Oriental & Siamese CC

7th April, 2006
Issue No. 1087
Cat Chat - with Chris Stalker
GCCF Prefixes & Prefix Amendments
Royal Canin Top Exhibit & Top Breeder
Competition Scores
On The Prowl
Coventry & Leicester Cat Club Show Feature
and the following show reports;
Herts & Middx CC, Bucks Oxon & Berks CS
North West CC, Cambria CC, Yorkshire CCC
Supreme 2005, National CC, Shorthair CS
British Ragdoll CC, Colourpoint CC
Cameo Pewter & Smoke CS, Capital LH CA
Exotic SH CA, Siamese CS of Gt Britain
Notts & Derby CC, Central LH CC
Southern Counties CC, Chocolate Pt Siamese
Coventry & Leic CC, Lancashire CC
Scottish CC, Sealpoint Siamese, Shropshire CC, Sthn British Shorthaired CC, Turkish Van CC

21st April, 2006
Issue No. 1088

Cat Chat with Christ Stalker
On The Prowl
Norwegian Forest Cat Club Show Feature
Somali Cat Club Show Feature
Royal Canin International Convention
Rhyme or Reason
and the following show reports
Bengal CC, Bristol & Dist CC, Cambridgeshire
Chester & N Wales CC, Choc Pointed Siamese, Coventry & Leicester CC, Kernow CC, Notts & Derby CC, Preston & Blackpool CC, Scottish CC, Shorthaired CS, Shropshire CC, Siamese CS of the British Empire, Supreme, Siamese & All Breeds of Ireland
Southern Brit Shorthaired, Surrey & Sussex CC, Ulster Siamese & All Breeds, Wessex CC
Central LH CC, Croydon CC, S Ribble Pet CC
Eastern LH & Semi LH CC, Midland CC Ireland
Seal Point Siamese CC, United Chinchilla CA

5th May, 2006
Issue No. 1089

Cat Chat with Chris Stalker
Preston & Blackpool CC Show Feature
Surrey & Sussex CA Show Feature
Black & White CC Show Feature
Felis Britannica Show Feature
Healthcare (Trade Feature)
and the following show reports;
Abyssinian CA, Cambridgeshire CC,
Capital LH, Chocolate Point Siamese CC
Cov & Leic CC, Croydon CC, Durham County CC, Egyptian Mau CC, Essex CC, Kernow CC
Lancashire CC, Midland Club of Ireland
Northern Siamese, Norwegian Forest CC
Preston & Blackpool CC, Shorthaired CC
Southern British SHCC, Surrey & Sussex CC
Wessex CC, Wyvern CC, Yorkshire County CC
Kentish CS, West Country CC, GCCF Supreme, National CC, Maidstone & Medway CC, Notts & Derbys CC, Southern Counties CC, Shropshire CC, Scottish CC, Bristol & Dist CC, Seal Point Siamese CS, Bombay & Asian Self, LH Cream & Blue-Cream CA

19th May, 2006
Issue No. 1090

Snowshoe Seminar
Exotic CC Show Feature
GCCF Prefixes & Amendments
Report on the World Cat Congress 2006
Rhyme or Reason
Latest in the Royal Canin Competitions
and the following show reports;
Abyssinian CA, Asian CA, Bedford & DCS
Cambridgeshire CC, Croydon CC, Essex CC
Cov & Leic CC, Egyptian MauCC, Exotic CC
Kernow CC, Korat CC, Northern Siamese
Maidstone & Medway CC, National
Norwegian Forest CC, Preston & Blackpool CC
Rex CC, Semi Long Hair, Shorthair CC of Scot
Southern British Shorthair, Surrey & Sussex
Wessex CC, W of Scotland CC, Shropshire CC, Bristol & District CC, N Ireland CC
Cream & Blue-Cream CA, Lancashire CC
Bombay & Asian Self CC, Choc Point Siamese
Shorthair CC of Scot, Black & White CC

2nd June, 2006
Issue No. 1091

Bedford & Dist CC Show Feature
GCCF Champs & Prems
Asian Cat Assoc. Show Feature
Semi Longhair CA Show Feature
BSAVA Congress 2006
Manchester & Dist CC Show Feature
GCCF of Ireland Supreme Show
and the following show reports
Abyssinian, Rex & Korat Show, Asian CA
Bedford & Dist CC, Burmese CC, Croydon CC
Cambridgeshire CC, Cheshire Area CC
Coventry & Leic CC, Egyptian Mau CC
Essex CC, Exotic CC, Kernow CC, Manchester CC, National, Northern Siamese, Norg. Forest CC, Notts & Derby CC, Preston & Blackpool CC, Siamese CA, Sthn Counties CC, N Ireland CC, Wessex CC, Lancs CC, Surrey & Sussex CC, Essex CC

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Judges' Reports

We recently conducted a sweep of all remaining queries on show reports in 2005 and, fingers crossed, it looks like we have cleared the decks of what we had received. So if you see an odd one from 2005 in the next issue, it’s just a mopping-up operation.

That leaves us with 2006 and of course our new departure with a split system. We know judges and exhibitors like to get their reports in as quickly as possible. We have improved dramatically over the old days when you may be waiting over three months for publication on a regular basis.

Judges are allowed up to four weeks by GCCF to submit their reports and as a combination of the speedy judges e-mailing to us, and our new section, we are rapidly improving this turnaround. The more judges who send in by email, the better.

We have refined the system in-house and you only have to look in the E-MAIL EXTRA to see what we mean. Again, however, we are going to have a couple of issues where we play catch-up and sweep through any remaining reports from early 2006 as well as banging on with the e-mailers.

Watch this space.

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