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Top Breeder & Top Exhibit 2007
Very Latest Points For July


Schedules for the North West cat show are now available for the show which takes place on Saturday September 29th

Our Cats has received the following press release from the society: 

This year we are giving out Best in Show rosettes to each section winner, ie Best Persian Adult, Kitten and Neuter, these are courtesy of Roger Coleman of Worlds Best Litter/Applaws.

He is also giving tins of APPLAWS to the Best in Show winner.  Steve from North West Pet Foods has organised samples and 10-kilo bags of food to the overall winner from Hills, samples and prizes from Burns, and lots more. Cristian Rommeril from Royal Canin is also giving plenty of prizes from the company. 

On top of this there will be a raffle with the first prize of £100.00 and lots of other prizes, especially of the liquid kind, these are for the exhibitors not the cats!  We have already received lots of entries, especially for double pens, as we have only 24 to offer, sorry we cannot get any more into the hall.   

Call 01282 694575 for any more information...and get your entries in as quickly as possible before the hall fills up. Schedules will be available around the shows and from Our Cats stand.


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Some time ago we introduced a split show report section whereby emailed reports appeared more quickly than handwritten or faxed reports.

This has proven to be a huge success in that judges reports emailed soon after the show have subsequently been printed in the first available issue, a vast improvement on 'the old days' when reports were taking months to appear.

Not only that but our online members section also features the shows at the same speed (check out ) as many of our subscribers already know. The web site now has a very valuable archive of reports, photos and articles in our members section

It is apparent (and as predicted) that the percentage of emailed reports is increasing, meaning that we have less 'hard copy' reports to reset.

This means that we hope to have the opportunity to return to one section for show reports and, as requested by some readers, that will mean in turn that reports from individual shows have a better chance of being grouped together in a larger batch.

Our Cats is of course dependent (and grateful!) on the judges for submitting their reports in reasonable time...often we are chastised for not publishing a report, but in some instances, may not have received it in the first place.

The system has a good track record of ensuring that reports published go in as quickly as possible, and we hope that in the next few weeks this will improve even further.

If more judges send reports by email, then our system will show a parallel improvement.

Many thanks to all concerned,

Vince Hogan.

Our Cats Annual 2008
Record your 2007 successes for all to see!!

Last Chance at the
Early Bird Rate

This offer applies to advertisement space
pre-paid before 3rd September & 1st October

Advertisement material required
by the end of September 2007.
Photographs must be copyright free.

Contact Anne Lawrence for details

Fax: 0870 731 6699 Tel: (44) 0870 731 6506

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All Full Colour
* if booked before 3rd September
* if booked before 1st October
£450 £495
£350 £240 £265
£130 £145
£70 £75
£45 £50

Top Breeder & Top Exhibit 2007
Very Latest Points For July


Airedale Agricultural Society Show, Myrtle Park, Bingley, West Yorkshire

Chris Bamford – Show Manager writes:

Another Bingley show is almost here again.  I was looking forward to receiving a bumper entry this year given all the support people had promised when it looked like this may be the last show under GCCF rules.  But as I write the entries haven’t materialised, and so I’ve extended the closing date further just in case anyone wants to put in a last minute entry.

We hope to have some prestigious visitors all the way from Florida in the form of ACFA judges Steve and Carol Lawson.  They won’t be judging at the show this year, as it couldn’t be confirmed they would be available when the schedules went to print.  They will only be in England for a week and are staying with Steve and Daphne Butters in Sheffield.  Steve and Carol have had a busy time this year, as well as being travel agents, they have visited the Amazon, Antarctica, Russia and now Bingley in deepest West Yorkshire.  As a special favour to them I will be wearing my best “finery” on the day, including pearls and a large hat.  Although I’m giving the high heels a miss, as any show manager will tell you they are murder for a cat show.

We have acquired some brand new judges trolleys for this years show.  They are exactly like the standard championship ones but slightly more lightweight and without wheels.  Anyone who has judged or stewarded at Bingley in the past will know that a trolley with wheels is not practical as you can’t push   one on grass but have to lift it from pen to pen.

We did have problems with queues last year trying to get over the bridge into the rest of the agricultural show.  This will not happen again as the pay box and the entrance is being moved away from the bridge to avoid causing congestion. 

For the first year in some time we are going to close the show to the public whilst judging is going on.  As judging usually only takes a couple of hours this is more of an inconvenience to the general public than the exhibitors.   The pedigree judges this year are: Mrs Pat Perkins, Mrs Elaine Culf, Mr Alex Walsh and Mr Steve Parkin.  The household pet judges are Miss Marie Midgley and Mrs Joyce Johnson

General entertainment this year includes the Red Devils Parachute display team (weather permitting), Titan the Robot (a great one for the children amongst us), veteran cars as well as all the cattle, goats, rats, mice and birds etc.

There is a warm Yorkshire welcome for any who come to the show and if you feel like entering a cat contact me on: 01484 711493 (6 – 9 pm only please) or visit the website to download a schedule and entry form. 

Basic entry is only £16.00 per cat, but no one pays that, everyone enters extra classes.  Entry money includes one entry ticket to the agricultural show (worth £6 on the day) but extra tickets at reduced rates can be paid for with your entry. A free catalogue is also included for each exhibitor.

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