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Following a recent meeting with the GCCF at OUR CATS offices in Manchester, we are pleased to be able to inform readers that we are now in a position to continue publishing as the Official Journal for a further three months.

After all the recent confusion surrounding the future of the paper, we now know that this temporary respite will at least allow us to cover shows and events up to the end of April.

Consequently, we are re-opening subscriptions to all, and would remind readers whose subscriptions expire on or around 31st January, that they can now be extended for a further three months.

We have included a special form on Page 3 of this weeks issue, and would ask for as many of you as possible to take out your own subscription, as this will allow us to bring you more comprehensive papers during that period. It is our intention to increase the pagination in an effort to bring the show reports even more up-to-date, and will be looking to concentrate all the remaining SUPREME and NATIONAL reports in one issue.

It is hoped that the OUR CATS stand will be at Shropshire CC and then Coventry & Leicester CC shows during February and, of course, we will be able to take subscriptions at those shows. A three months subscription is a cost effective way of receiving OUR CATS, and of course, this will be posted direct from our printers, to be with you usually by Wednesday, each fortnight.

Those wishing to add a small extra amount to read the paper online, as well as in print, will have that opportunity. It is worth pointing out that the OUR CATS site is very comprehensive and has an extensive archive of show reports already. We would refer you to the OUR CATS website -

OUR CATS would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to the many people who have supported the paper during this very difficult period, and although this can only be described as a temporary solution, we hope that you will now continue to enjoy the paper well into 2008.

Further announcements concerning coverage and editorial policy will be made in due course, but readers can be assured that OUR CATS remains the Official Journal of the GCCF during this period, and as such, will be carrying all official notices, announcements and judges critiques.


A full colour
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Great News – It’s Official!
You may continue to read your judges critiques, official notices and announcements in your faithful, fortnightly Our Cats Newspaper –

Official Journal of the GCCF for a further 3 months
If you are new subscriber, or if your subscription has lapsed, or is about to lapse, contact us NOW.

Online form below for Seperate Web Site Membership or 3 Months Subsciption to the paper

Rates are shown below:-
Ring Dan Cavill to subscribe at these prices on 0870 731 6503 or fill in our online form below...

Issue Date Subscription renewal amount Newspaper only Newspaper and Online Subscription
FEBRUARY 8 - APRIL 18 (inclusive) 6 ISSUES £25.00 £28.75
FEBRUARY 22 - APRIL 18 (inclusive) 5 ISSUES £21.00 £24.75
MARCH 7 - APRIL 18 (inclusive) 4 ISSUES £17.00 £19.50
MARCH 21 - APRIL 18 (inclusive) 3 ISSUES £13.00 £15.50
APRIL 4 - APRIL 18 (inclusive) 2 ISSUES £9.00 £10.25
APRIL 18 - 1 ISSUE £4.50 £5.75

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Our Cats On the Road

See us at:

2 February * Bingley Hall, County Showground, Weston Road, Stafford ST18 0BD.

Show Manager: Miss J. E. Tonkinson, Assistant.  Mrs S. Bowen.

23 February * Bingley Hall, County Showground, Weston Road, Stafford ST18 0BD.
Show Manager: Mr M. Lewis, Joint Manager: Mrs L. Szwed.

£25.00 for all issues up to the start of May.
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Back issues on sale at both shows...£2.00 each or 3 for £5.00..take this opportunity to catch up on any missed show reports.


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With step by step guidance for creating your perfect cattery design at your fingertips, and real life case studies, this book will help you understand how catteries can be improved with cat welfare knowledge.

Lavishly illustrated with over 400 full colour photos, many of which are double page spreads showing great detail.

Essential reading for anyone considering building or updating a cattery!


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ESSENTIAL KENNEL DESIGN by David Key is the book for you if you want a hands-on, detailed reference book to give you the information on the heart of building a kennel & how to get your design, materials & equipment right to save you thousands.

It is packed with detailed specifications on the ins & outs of the different materials used, which designs work or don't etc. Factual detail & easy to read, with colour pictures.

RUNNING YOUR OWN BOARDING KENNELS by David Cavill gives comprehensive advice on every aspect of running a boarding kennel, including: finding a property; statutory requirements; finance and running costs; health matters; feeding the boarders; kennel staff; kennel buildings; marketing the business.

PLUS an OUR DOGS/ OUR CATS Boarding Contract Book containing 24 duplicate tear out contracts

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We have noticed a number of comments on the OUR CATS internet Forum regarding judges reports.
One comment was that reports come in dribs and drabs; it should come as no surprise to you, in that that's how they come to us from the judges...some in the next day, by email, some handwritten 2 or even 3 months after the show. You will never achieve consistency; we could hold them all up and put them in en bloc, but then others would complain about the delay.
Some people have commented that the web site is slightly behind the paper for speed of reports....that's actually because we are so quick at printing the paper and posting it on a subscribers get it on a Wednesday...2 days before its proper on sale date of Friday!

The web site is now a unique archive of thousands of judges reports, and our editorial photos of winning cats going back over nearly 4 years..and this is growing by the week. It is not just about instant reports.
The weight of copy, typesetting and page planning that is needed for such an operation is far greater than many seem to realise.

Its not just a bit of copying and pasting.
Reading, formatting, putting into page layouts, then transferring this to a web based product, all takes time and money.
During the upheaval of the last few months, it has not been possible to maintain the size of the issues or the flow of reports....again, that should not be a surprise when you consider what we have had to deal with, and the extra space given over to all the readers letters, for example.
That's what the next three months is all about.....bigger papers, faster reports, GCCF official news, and a period of stability where the cats come first!
The more people who support us by taking even a three month subscription will help us improve the whole service.

Show Reports
This Weeks Show Reports now online

Click Here to view the Jugdes Critiques from these shows



Blue Persian

British Ragdoll


Capital Longhair

Cheshire Area

Chinchilla, Silver
Tabby, Smoke

Colourpoint Rex & Aov

Eastern Counties

Hert & Middlesex


Longhaired &

Maidstone & Medway

North Of Britain
LH & Semi LH

North West


Rct Society



Tabby CC


Trans Pennine
Oriental & Siamese

Ulster Siamese
& All Breeds

West Of Scotland



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Our Cats Digital Edition
New online service at

25th January 2008

Available exclusively to members of the Our Cats Website.

The Our Cats 'Digital Edition' combines online delivery with the look and feel of the printed newspaper.

Website members are able to see articles, features, images and adverts exactly as they appear in print.

• Read the newspaper online
• Page by Page
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• Exactly as it appears in print

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