Notice re Our Cats (AXIS COOK)

On the 26th February a 'Breach Notice' was served on behalf of GCCF to  Axis Cook Media with regard to failing to produce the Official Journal as per the terms of their contract with the GCCF. 

Until such time as 30 days notice has lapsed and we are given clear guidance by our solicitors as to what course of action should then be taken, judges must continue to submit their reports in the usual way.

The Executive committee are fully aware that exhibitors are suffering due to not being able to readily access their show reports and for this reason would actively encourage judges wherever possible to put their reports on their own web sites, which they may do within the terms of the contract. 

This statement will be updated as soon as is practicably possible after the 30 day breach period which will be the 28th March.

The Executive committee will continue to explore other avenues in which to bring reports back into normal circulation as quickly as possible.

We would also very much like to thank those who have come forward with suggestions and all will be considered once the current contractual situation is resolved, sadly until this happens there is legally very little that can be achieved.

John H Hansson
(Chairman GCCF)
20 March 2009